Box of Happiness 1
  • Black Heart

  • Stickers!

    Yes, I have now produced some stickers. The "Black Heart" above, as well as the "Bear" & the "Sundae". If you have seen them around send me a pic. If you've placed them around I'd love to see them!
Box of Happiness 1

Buy a Box of Happiness….

I recently worked on a series of books/boxes. This is the largest of them. The campfire used in this piece is cast out of aluminum and stands about 14 inches tall. The box is approximately 24 inches square and 4 inches tall when closed.

Gravity open verticle

Harrison Center for the Arts Book Show “Bookmark”

I currently have a piece in an exhibition at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis.  The show is entitled “Bookmark” and is put on in conjunction with the Herron Art Library.  Here is a link to a short video from the opening:  More information about the Harrison Center is here:  My piece is titled “Gravity“; … Continue reading

billboards - 2724

Sorting things out….

Here is a picture of my “palette”. These happen to be pieces of paper billboards. When they remove them from the billboard structure they are scraped off in sheets, with as many as 15 layers of advertisements. The first order of business is to “delaminate” these by hosing them down and peeling them apart. Here … Continue reading

studio wall


This piece is approximately 15″ high x 21″ wide. Titled “Desire,” it is part of the comfort food group of works. These pieces play on the notion of comfort and how or where we find comfort in stressful times.

"New & Improved" Post Card

New & Improved

I reprinted one of my earlier blocks. This is what I am calling my “comfort series”. It is an ongoing series, but only has three pieces in it so far. They are in order: Grilled Cheese, Sundae & most recently Mac and Cheese. The reprint is of Grilled Cheese, creating a new block for the … Continue reading


Last two post cards for the year

Well here are my last two post cards for 2011. I haven’t done that many individual post cards this year as I have been working on other projects. I will post some of those as soon as I get them photographed. For now enjoy Mac & Cheese and Desire II.

Cloud formations B side

Cloud Formations

I’ll be showing these three works as part of the “Wood Show” at the 924 Gallery in Indianapolis starting November 4th. A link to the show is



Thanks to Pat Collin’s I was lucky enough to get to show this piece over the winter in FT Meyers, FL. It is one in a current series based on billboards. It’s dimensions come from the proportion of a postcard. This piece is roughly 28.5″ x 40.5″. The images frame is reminiscent of those seen on billboards along the blue highways … Continue reading

subjective scanned

Subjective scanned

This image is of the same piece as posted below, (Subjective) only these were scanned in and then assembled in photoshop.


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