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New & Improved

I reprinted one of my earlier blocks. This is what I am calling my “comfort series”. It is an ongoing series, but only has three pieces in it so far. They are in order: Grilled Cheese, Sundae & most recently Mac and Cheese. The reprint is of Grilled Cheese, creating a new block for the yellow. I call the latest version “New & Improved”.

Last two post cards for the year

Well here are my last two post cards for 2011. I haven’t done that many individual post cards this year as I have been working on other projects. I will post some of those as soon as I get them photographed. For now enjoy Mac & Cheese and Desire II.

Cloud Formations

I’ll be showing these three works as part of the “Wood Show” at the 924 Gallery in Indianapolis starting November 4th. A link to the show is


Thanks to Pat Collin’s I was lucky enough to get to show this piece over the winter in FT Meyers, FL. It is one in a current series based on billboards. It’s dimensions come from the proportion of a postcard. This piece is roughly 28.5″ x 40.5″. The images frame is reminiscent of those seen on billboards along the blue highways in the midwest.


OK, I got it when the corner of a paper postcard got torn and the USPS put it in a plastic bag that says “we care”, but how do they break a piece of 1/8″ masonite in half! This is one of the set of six, my sister just emailed the photo to me this AM! WTF!